A Place Where We Could Go

A Place Where We Could Go
Released: 28-06-2008

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  1. Nite Nite
  2. Heavenly Creatures
  3. Beautiful Rebel
  4. The Living Dolls
  5. Escape to Aspen
  6. Till We Meet Again
  7. A Place Where We Could Go
  8. While The City Sleeps
  9. Hold Me In Your Arms Tonite
  10. Someone Cares
  11. Oh, Bright Young Things

This is a debut album containing ten songs, but really it is a cinematic escapade into the mind of a singular individual, Jeremy Jay. A Place Where We Could Go is a statement of fiction and fact, exploring the shadowy depths of an attitude: the romance of life without the people and things that pull down the corners; create your own world. This universe may have a fairy tale look; it may be illuminated by streetlight. But it will definitely be a safe haven for the exploration of dreams. Think vast landscapes of reverberating storybook endings populated by the more charming characters from John Hughes' movies. Jeremy Jay: dancing, singing and playing guitar. A Place Where We Could Go is your hardcopy of the illusive, blonde, Jeremy Jay moon-roof vista. Buena.

Video for "Beautiful Rebel"

Video for "Someone Cares"

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