Blonde Redhead (Popfrenzy Presents) News

Blonde Redhead in Australia finally this week!!

Uniqueness is a rarity when it comes to contemporary music - how do you acknowledge everything that's come before, let alone contribute something meaningful to that evolution of music? Somehow Blonde Redhead do it, and with seeming effortlessness.

Seven albums into their music making career and the artistic progression doesn't appear to be letting up. On the just released 23 the New York based three piece unfold their musical explorations with greater depth, texture and experimentation. This July get ready as they unfold it live, to a new audience. For the very first time Blonde Redhead (their 2004 tour was unfortunately cancelled) will bring their economy of style to Australian shores, playing two very special shows.

Supports in Melbourne are Love of Diagrams and St Helens and in Sydney The Red Sun Band and Leader Cheetah.


22nd July, 2007 : Posted by Jason