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Welcoming Bodies of Water

BODIES OF WATER's second full-length A Certain Feeling, and first release available locally in Australia & New Zealand, features instantly familiar melodies, rich harmonic color, expansively deft arrangements, and compositions that ebb, flow, and double back on themselves in cathartic synchronicity. It comes out feeling like the anthemic prog/gospel/psychedelic/kraut-tribal movie score that Ennio Morricone and Phil Spector never got around to collaborating on.

The band stopped by for a visit with the good folks over at and recorded a few songs from their brand new album. Give it a listen here.

Purchase the album on Bodies of Water - A Certain Feeling

Bodies of Water started in David Metcalf and Meredith Arthur's closet at their Los Angeles home. They were newly married and lived in a very small house. The closet was the only place to put the computer that they used for recording. They eventually formed a musical group to play David's songs. Meredith figured out the piano, and their friends Kyle Gladden and Jessie Conklin learned to play the bass and drums, respectively. In the ensuing years, the four have learned to deftly spin those threads which inevitably weave their way through every Bodies of Water song: ebullient group singing, melodic invention, thundering polyrhythms, and sublime dramatic tension.

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