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In February last year we brought the recently renamed Hinds (FKA Deers) to small stages around the East coast, far from their home of Madrid. Having spent the following 12 months absent again from Spain they’ve graced the stages of the most illustrious festivals, from Glastonbury, Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, Best Kept Secret to SXSW, as well as extensive international touring. Following on from their EP, Barn (2014), came the their debut LP, Leave Me Alone released earlier this year, the latest product of the ultimate indie rock girl-gang comprised of Ana, Carlotta, Ade and Amber.

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We caught up with Ana Perrotte during their UK tour…

Hey Ana! Nice to see you again, how are you? Where are you? I’m in Birmingham! Ha, I have no idea! We just played a show here last and we play tonight in Bristol.

Hinds played a sold-out gig at KOKO in London, how was that? Have you seen the pictures? It was incredible! So many people! Such a big place. I was waiting in the dressing room eating they [the staff] were like “time for sound check” and I was like “ok I’m coming!”, I was on my own and I was like, oh there are so many stairs because its such a huge theatre, I was going down and down and down, and I turned and saw the whole space with so many stairs and so many balconies, I was like “OH MY GOD! WHAT THE FUCK! What is this place!”, it was so crazy.

You’ve played some insane festival shows that most bands would die to be billed on. Who is the coolest person that you have met in the last year? This guy called Juan Wauters; he’s this dude from South America, lives in New York. We are huge fans of his music. He’s the kind of person you meet and he is so pure, gives no shit about being a cool musician or whatever he’s just so natural, so nice, so funny... He’s the best dude in the world.

Hinds have spent the last year constantly touring. What do you prefer- the bigger, grand theatres or festival gigs, or smaller, more intimate shows? I really enjoy watching people so close, you know, watching the sweat, seeing the faces. I really like that. I don’t like it when they are so far away that it feels like I am playing for no one. At the same time when we are in festivals it’s like, us, we are so far away but we are going to enjoy the four of us together, we are all going to really enjoy doing the same thing, we are doing a show for us rather than a show for people that are enjoying it on the other side of the fence.

I remember a particularly rowdy show you played in Manly at the Hotel Steyne on a rainy night last year. Any crazy gig stories you can share from your travels? Sooooo many! So many. When we toured in America, it gets pretty wild there. I remember we played a secret show in this basement in Kansas City. While we were playing, people were giving us joints, as we were playing, you can’t say no [gestures playing guitar], even if we didn’t want to smoke, we had to smoke, because we didn’t have hands free to stop it. People were making out with each other, giving us joints, even if we weren’t smoking there was so much smoke, we were all high, and we are still playing this weird basement this guy had at his house.

You released your debut LP, Leave Me Alone earlier in the year, how is it going? People now know a lot of the songs. It’s so weird to see people singing the riffs of the guitar. It’s crazy and it feels amazing! People are so into it and they come to you and say “This is my favourite one!” or, “Whenever I go to university, this is the one I listen to”, or, “I just broke up with my girlfriend and this song really helps me, cheers me up”.

The new album has taken you all over the world, including Asia recently, where is a location that you played and got a great response that you might’ve not expected. Hong Kong was pretty crazy. We went to Hong Kong, and we had no idea what to expect, and suddenly we were walking through the festival, and when someone recognised us, they were like “AHHHHHHH!” so close to our faces. It’s such a different culture, compared to when playing The States or Europe; people get so close to your face and are screaming in my face. They totally freak out and want to buy everything, and hugging us, that was pretty crazy.

When you started the band, did you and Carlotta write a list of things that you wanted to achieve? What were the peaks of success you wanted to reach? When we started the band, our goal was to be a four piece, we never dreamed that big. When we started we were playing acoustic, our dream was to play electric, and when we started playing electric guitars, our dream was to play standing up, instead of sitting down and then we were standing up, we were like, “oh I wanna play with a pic!”, and we learnt that. It was little things; we never dreamed of touring or going out of Spain, we didn’t even have the time to dream about it. When we first released the first two songs on the Internet our next goal was to be a four piece, we met Amber and were convincing Ade to play bass with us. We really didn’t have time to dream about it while all that was happening, we already had offers from London and Berlin, weird places asking us to go there, we hadn’t even played a show – the four of us together before. We definitely achieved everything that we dreamed of, because we play standing up now with pics! Ha ha.

So what’s next for Hinds? … Keep on rocking!. We are already thinking about the next record, people think we are doing things pretty good and it’s making us very happy, so just we're just going to keep on doing it.

Are you excited about coming back to Australia? YES! They told me it would be cold though! [cries], I just want to go to the beach, this is so unfair! I remember Australia as the land of happiness, and of good weather and people in bikini and everyone just like skateboarding in the beach.

Will you pick up where you left off? Any lovers? Anyone you want to hang out with? Or are you too famous now? Yes, of course, Ha ha shut up! We want to hang out with Julia Why? And all those guys that supported us!

Popfrenzy and Noisey present Hinds, touring in May: * Thursday May 5 Sydney – Newtown Social Club w/ Food Court & Blossom

Friday May 6 Melbourne – Northcote Social Club w/ Loose Tooth & Gabriella Cohen

Saturday May 7 Brisbane – The Foundry Brisbane w/ secret guest & Tempura Nights

Monday May 9 Perth – Rosemount Hotel w/ DJ Scarlett Stevens, Childsaint & Doctopus*

Tickets for all shows available here

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