Cibo Matto (Popfrenzy Presents) News

Cibo Matto Australian Tour starts next week!!!

Avant-garde outfit, Cibo Matto are set to play a slew of shows around the country on their maiden voyage down under. Reunited after a decade long hiatus from the band, the duo will treat Australian audiences with tracks from their newest album, Hotel Valentine.

The pair magnetised to record an LP that is packed with their unclassifiable fusion of downbeat hip hop, African and Latin jazz and Brazillian influenced sounds. After extensive collaborations in their careers with notable figures in the art world (Yoko Ono and Michael Gondry to name a few), the tour will surely be as inviting to the ears as it will be for the eyes.

Dates and tickets available on our Popfrenzy Presents page!

23rd October, 2014 : Posted by Admin