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No Joy album 'Wait To Pleasure' Out Now!

No Joy's sterling sophomore album 'Wait To Pleasure'** is out now on Popfrenzy Records! On this album, the band has flourished, delivering their finest set to date, rooted heavily in shoegaze ripcurls and devastating melody, finishing sentences whispered long ago with depth, variance and force.

The album has already received rave reviews from renowned media outlets Pitchfork, Allmusic and PopMatters.

"The sound is womblike, it blankets you, places you in a waking dream" - Pitchfork Media

" No Joy succeeds wildly on 'Wait to Pleasure', referencing enormous influences without really using them as the sole template for their sounds." - allmusic

"Most of the songs on Wait to Pleasure are short and sweet, and the album as a whole will leave you hitting the replay button repeatedly." - PopMatters

Check out the video for single 'Lunar Phobia' here:

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30th April, 2013 : Posted by Admin