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Popfrenzy are thrilled to announce the debut Australian tour of Brooklyn's finest Indie dream-rockers Beach Fossils. Having previously toured extensively throughout America and Europe, Beach Fossils' impending Aussie jaunt ends an almost 3 year wait for a visit to our shores.

Three short years ago, founding Beach Fossils member Dustin Payseur linked creative forces with John Pena (bass), Sennott Burke (guitar) and Cole Smith (drums) to complete the Beach Fossils lineup. Drawing inspiration from improvisational jazz, classical and shoegaze artists, the band is often noted for their warm, affable melodies, evoking the haunted sounds of a long lost era.

Straightforward guitar riffs, a kaleidoscope of psychedelic rhythms, and distant, faded vocals have come to define the archetypal Beach Fossils ethic. Whilst a plethora of surf-rock revivalists evoke similar images of sunshine and rolling waves through driving rhythms and fuzzy guitars, Beach Fossils do so conversely through softer, delicate reverberations and uniquely hazy and airy production techniques.

Renowned for their scintillating live show, the bandʼs inherent chemistry and unforgettable stage presence radiate with a wild and youthful sincerity. And now, the band will be making their long-awaited national debut across a nationwide circumference, spanning 4 shows in all major cities. Bring the summer in early and catch Beach Fossils on their first ever tour downunder.

Brisbane - Black Bear Lodge Thursday, October 11 Tickets available from

Sydney - Good God Small Club Friday, October 12 Tickets available from

Melbourne - Workers Club Saturday, October 13 Tickets available from

Perth - This Is Nowhere Festival Sunday, October 14 Tickets available from

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