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Neon Indian New Album Era Extraña Drops September 9

If you've heard Polish Girl on the radio waves of late, then you'll know there's good reason to be psyched for the new Neon Indian album, Era Extraña, released on yours truly on September 9, 2011. Get a free download of album track Fallout here...

![Image Alt Text]( Indian - Era.jpg)

Neon Indian is the brainchild of Alan Palomo, who's 2009 debut record Psychic Chasms not only earned the 20-year-old a spot on numerous year-end lists, but generated the formation of the genre hypnagogic pop / glo-fi / chillwave that summoned a very unique and specific electro-mangled sound. And if you thought he couldn't top the amazing Psychic Chasms, think again - Era Extraña delivers it and more!

Palomo wrote, recorded and produced the album over the winter in Helsinki, Finland and Flaming Lips collaborator Dave Fridmann mixed the album and did post-production. The result is a darker shaded sound document that tosses somewhere between an 8-bit shoegaze record and peering through the fence of a teenage apocalypse drive-in flick.

It's good. REAL good.

Until you can check it out for yourself on September 9, you can grab a free download of album track Fallout now and start counting down...

14th August, 2011 : Posted by Admin