Cansei De Ser Sexy (Popfrenzy Presents) News

Cansei De Ser Sexy are in town!!

Imagine if garage rock was a modern concept, or at least was transported to another time, and another place? Imagine if that place was Sao Paulo, the time 2003? Imagine if there was a band that captured the essence of Brazilian culture and the interaction it had with art and pop culture abroad. And the internet. How would these people meet? Through clubs and photo blogs, of course. What would they bond over? Art and fun. When bored, where would they go?

Now imagine it live.

This January Popfrenzy presents to you, live from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cansei De Ser Sexy. We're offering a money back guarantee if they don't get you to sweat.


28th December, 2006 : Posted by Jason