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Black Mountain's "In The Future" hits shops on Monday February 4.

In The Future is the Canadian's second album. The eponymous debut, "a modern heavy psych masterpiece," according to Mojo magazine, came out almost three years ago. In the subsequent years the band has grown in scope and scale, refining their sound while blowing it out to massive heights. So it's no surprise that the advance word on the new album In the Future from the UK and US press has been glowing. The album has already been getting loads of great reviews locally and overseas. Here are just some of the praises...

"Black Mountain's second album is a beguiling brew of stoner, prog, psych and kraut rock and folk. A fascinating release from one of the most interesting rock bands in the world." -- 4/5 The Age Melbourne

"Confident but not copyist, few records will sound this dominant." -- NME 8/10

"... eclipses their previous output and hits a consistent note of righteous force." -- WIRE MAGAZINE

"Stephen McBean's classic rock crew summon up any number of sonic ghosts from Deep Purple to Funkadelic. yet never stoop to mere pastiche" -- 5/5 The Times

Full Melbourne Age review here

".. this is edge-of-the-seat stuff oozing with terrifying displeasure and nightmare reality." -- 5/6 Time Out Sydney

"... an expansive statement of an album, full of big guitars and cold space, a variety of sounds and a hard-earned and ever-present brilliance." -- POPMATTERS 8/10

"Black Mountain's meaty melange of Sabbath-sized riffs, hairy Hammond and Velvets drone is all muscle and no flab" -- 4/5 The Independent

"If this is the future, start growing out your facial hair now, because it looks like the blood-crazed Canadian hippies will inherit the Earth" -- Rolling Stone

"But where Black Mountain's message begins to get woolly the music is never anything less than exhilarating" -- Uncut

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