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Coming soon... Amazing new albums from Superchunk and Abe Vigoda

So excited about two upcoming releases.

One from the legendary Superchunk who after nine years went back into the studio to record what must seriously be their best full-length ever! Indie pop at its best! Will anyone care after nine years? You never know, but Superchunk is a fiercely loved band, even now, and there seems to be a genuine desire for new music from them. The good news is that they’ve succeeded in creating an incredible album that uses the past without sounding like a pale echo of it. In stores September 24!! Check out their new video too!!!

We're also releasing the new album from Abe Vigoda called Crush. Coldwave, surfer punk, pell-mell pop, dream pop, tropical punk. Abe Vigoda have had all these labels thrown on them and more, but just as quickly and with zero hesitation will soon throw them off, kick 'em to the curb, spit menacingly, and strut off. They are at all times all of these things, and none. For those who've been tracing the band since way back, you'll understand what I mean when I say that when it comes to Abe Vigoda, expect nothing and also everything. In stores October 1.

14th September, 2010 : Posted by Admin

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