Introducing Twin Sister

We first heard Twin Sister mid last year when they were giving away free download copies of their debut EP Vampires With Dreaming Kids. Then we were lucky enough to see them at SXSW where they played one night just before our very own Songs.

Color Your Life is the proper debut physical release from New York's Twin Sister. "The Other Side of Your Face" opens with a whip of grey wind and a throbbing hum. Drums count off and shimmering guitar chords gently descend; vocalist Andrea Estella's voice comes in and things hush up real quick. Oh man, she's basically whispering right in your ear, red lipstick and everything. Jesus. She's gone again just as quickly, and the music rises up, up, up, building layer after layer. "Lady Daydream" introduces herself with Eric Cardona's guitar glimmer, the melody beckoning cool and soft and sure before "Milk and Honey" initiates total pandemonium - all of a sudden it's a packed house-party in the clouds. "All Around and Away We Go" continues with Gabe D'Amico's insistent bass lines bouncing along orange-lava synths and barking vocals - pure uninhibited bliss. By now it's dark outside, and the silver heavens reflect down on "Galaxy Plateau." Udbhav Gupta's keys and drum machines come into bright focus and "Phenomenons" scores the tranquil descent into the landscape of a pink morning sky. Was it all a dream?

In stores August 20th.

8th August, 2010 : Posted by Admin