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Beach Fossils and Best Coast

In July we're chuffed to be releasing debut albums from two of the brightest U.S. indie acts going around at the moment.. Beach Fossils and Best Coast.

Beach Fossils
Beach Fossils, a band whose reverb-slicked indie pop compares favorably to other Popfrenzy acts like Best Coast and The Drums, formed in 2009 as a vehicle for the solo recordings of Dustin Payseur. Bassist John Pena and guitarist Christopher Burke were brought into Beach Fossils' lineup later that year, after Payseur had single-handedly put together the recordings that would comprise the group's first album.

Best Coast
We have been drumming Best Coast to anyone and everyone for close to a year now and it's with great excitement that their debut album* Crazy For You* is fast approaching release. Thirteen sweet short tracks (not one clocks over three minutes) and they're all amazing! Drawing inspiration from '60s surf rock and girl groups, Best Coast's noisy lo-fi sound gave a nod to contemporaneous acts like the Vivian Girls, and Brilliant Colors. Only difference is they've really outshone all these contemporaries with their debut. You all really need to listen to this album!

An interview with Best Coast on The Drone

10th June, 2010 : Posted by Admin