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High Places vs Mankind on sale now!

High Places vs Mankind is in stores now!! You can get the LP (with a free digital download included inside) directly from our online store.

The good news is that they'll be touring soon! Stay tune for more details...

Here's a review from Groupie Mag.

Some overseas reviews of High Places vs Mankind

Delusions of Adequacy "Throughout High Places vs. Mankind the two further unravel as well as expand their influences and open-up their compact electronic world to include more live instrumentation and more upfront organic vocals."

Drowned In Sound "High Places vs. Mankind is their most complete work to date, which ends much as it began, with the band’s love of outright pop."

Prefix Magazine "It seems impossible that the same band that started out so ramshackle could deliver an album as splendid and tighly wound as this."

BBC Music "High Places have moved on, positioning themselves on the fringes of the ongoing chillwave explosion with enough invention to outlast most of its central protagonists."

9th May, 2010 : Posted by Admin