Mist and Sea Melbourne Residency!

Mist & Sea perform their first ever live shows beginning this week (Wednesday August 29) in Melbourne and continuing over the next two Wednesdays (September 5 & 12) at Toff Of The Town.

After the release of the dreamy, moody full length debut album Unless with such eager and grand reviews, now is your melbourne chance to catch it all live. All three shows will incorporate live visual elements of remixed video and stills photography.

From the humble first meetings of Vincent Giarrusso (ex-Underground Lovers) and Jason Sweeney (Pretty Boy Crossover) in early 2002, the beginnings of Mist & Sea emerged. First as an idea for a multi-media music/art project, then as a duo, then in its incarnation as a 6 piece band. A full-length LP was recorded with Chris Scallan and Jed Palmer and the result is the debut album. Mixed and re-worked by Jason at his Adelaide studio during 2006 , the album has a cinematic quality that moves from angular guitar pop, shoegazer, a New Order-esque style.

Be sure to catch this well awaited, exciting residency on the following Wednesdays

August 29th Melb
Toff Of The Town Residency with Sir

September 5th Melb
Toff Of The Town Residency with Humansixbillion

September 12th Melb
Toff Of The Town Residency with Pretty Boy Crossover

27th August, 2007 : Posted by Jason