Broadcast (Popfrenzy Presents) News

Broadcast (Popfrenzy Presents)

Broadcast is made up of Trish Keenan and James Cargill. Originally from Birmingham, they have been active as Broadcast since 1995. Broadcast over the years have consisted of other members including drummers, keyboardists and guitarists (and at one point they were even a six-man outfit) but at the heart of the group Trish and James have always existed. Their aesthetic has remained a combination of their love for film, library music and electronics with psych-pop colour.

Broadcast have always had fans among other musicians, including Flying Lotus, Tim Gane from Stereolab, Grizzly Bear, Atlas Sound and Dangermouse, who used a Broadcast sample taken from "Poem of Dead Song" on the DM & Gemini album "Ghetto Pop Life". Broadcast's music is also a popular choice for film and TV, featuring on the soundtracks of “Ma Femme est une Actrice", "21" and "Morvern Callar", as well as TV shows such as "The L-Word", "Skins" and "CSI".

It can be said with confidence that Broadcast's first visit to Australia is certain to be greeted with much anticipation.

Broadcast (Popfrenzy Presents) News

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