Holly Miranda (Popfrenzy Presents) News

Holly Miranda (Popfrenzy Presents)

Holly Miranda has been singing for as long as she can remember. She first began playing in New York at age 16, when she dropped out of high school in Michigan, went to visit her sister in New York for a few weeks, and never turned back. She soon discovered the world of the East Village and started playing at places like The Sidewalk and meeting kindred spirits in the New York scene. Whether solo or with her band, she's become an artist consistently able to mesmerize with her range as well as her songs.

How 27 year-old Holly Miranda arrived at her new solo album The Magician’s Private Library (XL Recordings) is a tale every bit as wild as the record’s otherworldly title suggests.

Made before Holly had a record deal, during a month’s sessions at Dave Sitek’s (TV On The Radio) Staygold studio in Brooklyn, it saw it’s makers starting at 7pm and recording straight through until 9 am. Every night. Holly picks up the story: “My rehearsal space was down the hall. Dave was sleeping on site. We slept all day, recorded all night for about three weeks. It was a pretty intense experience. If my prior recording sessions were school, this was like getting a master’s."

The end result is one of the most enthralling records of 2010. From the fantastical spell of "Forest Green Oh Forest Green" to the horn-laden atmospherics of "Joints", The Magician’s Private Library is a record intent on taking you on a journey. It’s a record equally in love ("Waves") and in dreams ("Sweet Dreams", "Everytime I Go To Sleep", "Sleep On Fire"), dark, bold and sonically ambitious – horns & beats, MPC & strings, synths & bells & reverb, all here.

“An adventurous musical expedition that is fresh and unapologetically personal” (Dazed & Confused)

“Her voice is at times reminiscent of Kim Deal (if Deal actually had vocal range) and, at other times, of a scratchy, lyrically haunting Stevie Nicks. Consider this fair warning: she’s the real deal. Catch her while you can.” (Vanity Fair)

“unique and striking.... one of the surprise albums of the year” (Drum Media Perth Album Of The Week)

“a handsome, even transcendental debut” (Beat)

“impressively atmospheric” (West Australian)

“breathtakingly beautiful… dense, eclectic, vibrant and charming” (TimeOff)

“luxurious soundscapes that bear comparison to Mazzy Star and Cocteau Twins” (The Australian)

“a lush, dreamy affair... beautiful lyrics, beautiful music and beautiful production - it doesn't get much better than this” (Drum Media Sydney)

Holly Miranda (Popfrenzy Presents) News

We're touring Holly Miranda in June!! 23rd April, 2010