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An elusive new project from composer Alan Palomo.

Neon Indian delivers equal parts synthetic nostalgia, Dreampop lullabies, and grinding guitar noise to create something eerier than the sum of its parts. Forged after a hazy winter gathering in Texas, this initial batch of tracks were the result of field recordings, record samples, a collection of bizarre synth sounds. Soliciting the visual acrobatics of Video artist Alicia Scardetta, this project is setting out to be a multimedia maelstrom. Orbiting around the themes of drug induced heartbreak, weary afternoons, and lost chances, this music provides a lush soundtrack to the deadbeat exploits of teenage ennui.

Live on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon here

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Slumlord (radio edit)
Album: VEGA INTL. Night School
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Polish Girl
Album: Era Extrana
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Deadbeat Summer
Album: Psychic Chasms
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On Popfrenzy Records

Neon Indian
VEGA INTL. Night School
Released: 16-10-2015

Neon Indian
Era Extrana
Released: 09-09-2011

Neon Indian
Mind CTRL: Psychic Chasms Possessed
Released: 15-10-2010

Neon Indian
Psychic Chasms
Released: 06-02-2010

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