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Telepathe (Popfrenzy Presents)

Melissa Livaudais and Busy Ganges make up the experimental pop girl duo Telepathe. They create avante garde ethereal music that transcends musical genres. You can’t put Telepathe into a category. Their music explores territories of pop, hip-hop, shoegaze, electronic, and psychedelic music just to name a few. Listening to them feels like you’re in a lush dreamscape trapped between the sleeping world and waking reality. The girls started out in rock bands and slowly fused together making music that they deem futuristic, and like their NME review says their music “doesn’t sound like anything else that’s come before it.”.

Gangnes and Livaudais produce all of the music and sing on everything, playing their own muses and chanteuses.

Telepathe's full-length debut, Dance Mother (out locally through V2/Shock) sees the duo move away from the jam band aesthetic of their previous groups, and further develop the layered, synthetic sound they began exploring on their Social Registry EP, "Farewell Forest". Killer melodies, trance-inducing loops, drum-machine-driven experimentation, and Melissa and Busy's haunting vocal interplay are Telepathe’s hallmarks.

Access to their producer Dave Sitek's (TV on the Radio) vintage synthesizer collection, combined with deep electronic sub-bass lines influenced by hours of listening to dub-step, gave the duo's homemade music making a new sonic purity and gave them the confidence and the stylistic singularity to transcend genres. The stuttering hip hop beats of "Chrome's On It", the funereal pop of "Can't Stand It", the propulsive techno of "Devil's Trident" and the dark, driving electro pop of "So Fine" all link together by their staggering vocal melodies and intensely personal lyrics. Additionally, TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone and !!!'s Shannon Funchess provide guest vocals.

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Telepathe (Popfrenzy Presents) News

Touring Telepathe!!! To co-headline with Ponytail in Melbourne on December 29!! 7th October, 2009