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From the outset there is something immediately familiar and yet vitally inventive about English boy/girl duo, Slow Club; the riotous rallying calls of ‘Because We’re Dead’ and ‘Dance ‘Til The Morning Light’, the unlikely anti-folk ‘epics’ ‘Giving Up On Love’ and ‘Our Most Brilliant Friends’; songs built on skiffling ‘Crickets’ rhythms and the lost art of a good middle eight. Throughout the album the twin voices of Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor conspire with an unmistakably youthful vigour, bookended by the deft ballads ‘When I Go’ and ‘Boys On Their Birthdays’, dexterous soliloquies of admission and humour.

A string of single releases on their UK label home Moshi Moshi, and crucial development time on the live circuit has made Slow Club an irresistible prospect. Live as on record, Charles and Rebecca enrapture audiences with the same involuntary joy and simplistic rush that they themselves imbue. Their highly developed partnership delivering sweet harmonious hooks, rockabilly beats and exuberant yelps and yips, that spill out across the album.

Slow Club - Two Cousins (The Amazing Sessions)

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Gold Mountain
Album: Paradise
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It Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful
Album: Yeah, So.
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Let's Fall Back In Love
Album: Yeah, So.
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Slow Club
Released: 16-09-2011

Slow Club
Yeah, So.
Released: 18-07-2009

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