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Ryan McPhun (real name) was born in Ventura, California, where he was raised on a diet of sunshine and orchestrated pop music. Seismic activity along the "ring of fire" on the US coast, eventually shifted Ryan a further 88km South to Los Angeles, along with his drum kit and guitar. Here Ryan started his first band, though he eventually grew tired of coaxing his friends away from their metal band to perform backing music for his alt pop meanderings. Fortunately, he drifted loose of the continent that spawned him and found himself in the set of islands which were some of the earliest to split off from Gondwana land (New Zealand). He discovered that much of the music he liked had survived here in the same fashion as the large flightless birds, in the absence of their natural predators.

Shortly after his arrival, he continued to develop his own music, whilst also playing as a member of the Brunettes - who he travelled with on their US tour supporting The Shins and Rilo Kiley. During this time his track "Birthday On Mars" was featured on a Lil Chief Records compilation ("Now We Are Three"), which was sold at live shows and distributed to indie stores within the US through Subpop Records. After returning to NZ, Ryan completed work on an ambitious album of his own, working in his new basement studio in order to perfect his multi-layered popadelic sound. The Ruby Suns were born.

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Tane Mahuta
Album: Sea Lion
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The Ruby Suns
Sea Lion
Released: 15-03-2008

The Ruby Suns
The Ruby Suns
Released: 06-08-2007