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Acid House Kings was started by the teenagers Joakim Ödlund {also in Poprace and Starlet}, Nikas Angergård {from Red Sleeping Beauty} and Johan Angergård {The Legends, Club 8, Poprace} back in 1991 inspired by the English anorak scene {most bands on labels like Sarah, Subway and Heaven would be considered as favourites at this time}. The band recorded their first songs and sent them only to one label, the German tweepop label Marsh-Marigold. A few months later their first single, *‘Play Pop’ *was released. Since then the band have matured into one of the most loved gentle pop bands in the indie scene. People might compare them to the Concretes, Jens Lekman, Belle & Sebastian, or whatever guitar based pop acts you can come up with...but hey! these guys started with this sound as teenagers and the influence can only be the other way around.

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Acid House Kings
Sing Along With The Acid House Kings
Released: 04-02-2005