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From Gothenburg, Sweden Irene write songs that sounds almost like clich├ęs of pop songs. Songs about love and heartache, girl group-style rhythm section, handclap, Beach Boys, soul, brass and songs that are evergreens from day one.

Irene grew into a full-scale band quite spontaneously in 2005. The members are all friends from the local pub in Gothenburg, Sweden. Some songs that Tobias Isaksson (aka Bobby) had written just couldn't wait to be performed live. Everyone that did the first show had so much fun that they wanted to stick around. By the autumn of 2005 Irene was an octet with semi-permanent members. Irene likes to record as much as possible live, in one take, up to six people letting it out in one room. Only the final touch (vocals, trumpets and handclaps etc) is added afterwards. The result is a vivid sound marked by the 60s, Motown soul, girl-groups, American west coast- and contemporary pop.

The best new pop band of 2007 is already here!

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Album: Apple Bay
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Apple Bay
Released: 19-02-2007

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