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The story so far: After the eldest Smith sibling (Daniel) finished his senior art school project in the humble town of Clarksboro, New Jersey, and released it in 1995 under the moniker Danielson he brought his four younger siblings and a few friends from childhood into the mix for the critically-acclaimed, Tell Another Joke At the Ol' Choppin' Block calling the group Danielson Famile. This initial release was followed by various Danielson~esque incarnations, with their collective brilliance culminating in the most recent Danielson release, Ships.

There's no avoiding that what began as a senior thesis project a decade ago has evolved into a musical world so rich with musicality and merry-making that the first six albums and ten years of touring pomp alone could nourish the most scrutinizing of thrill-seekers. Mythology-hounds have found in Danielson the full package - tuning into their frequency (whether on headphones or at a party) can be as deeply rewarding in a literary-visual-musical way as with canonical acts such as Sun Ra, Parliament and David Bowie.

You see, with Danielson there's no hard distinction between the visuals and the music. "One enters your heart through your eyes, one through your ears," says Daniel. In the past they have sported hand-made, old-fashioned doctors' and nurses' uniforms while performing as a "visual reminder of the healing taking place." Daniel has worn a nine-foot tall, hand-made nine-fruit tree to "bear the good fruit." And now Danielson will perform live in new hand-made uniforms, still wearing their trademark "hearts-on-sleeves," with their names on their chests. Fingers crossed they make it out to Australia in full garb.

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Did I Step On Your Trumpet
Album: Ships
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On Popfrenzy Records

Released: 22-05-2006

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