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Jackson Scott has developed out of a weird audacity; bending spoons with apocalyptic melodies, sugared with solipsistic textures. How did the world conceive this young cosmonaut?

A college dropout with a 4-track recorder and a one-track mind. A listener and a conceiver. His voice, whether pitched up or androgynous, speaks of a still life. But painting is meaningless, songs irrelevant, aura outdated if you a revivalist. Jackson is not.

A Syd Barrett obsessor, Jackson’s musical origins date back to high school, recording early demos on a 4-track and then back into GarageBand. Revered 90s Bands such as The Pixies and Nirvana have been inspiring Scott along his musical path for as long as he can remember.

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Album: Melbourne
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Jackson Scott
Released: 26-07-2013

Jackson Scott News

Announcing JACKSON SCOTT! 26th June, 2013