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Electrelane (Popfrenzy Presents)

Electrelane was formed in 1998 by Emma Gaze and Verity Susman. Bass player Rachel Dalley joined the band in 1999, followed by guitarist Mia Clarke in 2000. Rachel left the band in 2004 and was replaced by bassist Ros Murray.

Electrelane released their first 7" in 2000 on Indenial - an offshoot of Skint Records. It was followed by another one-off 7" release, "Le Song," on Fierce Panda. The band then started their own label, "Lets Rock," with financial backing from the distribution company, 3MV. Under this guise, Electrelane released two singles, "Gabriel" and "Blue Straggler," their debut album, Rock It to the Moon (2001) and I Want to be the President EP (2002).

With "Lets Rock" on hold, Electrelane signed with Too Pure Records in 2003. This has proven to be a good match and they have subsequently released their second album, The Power Out (2004) and third album, Axes (2005) - as well as numerous singles (see discography). No Shouts, No Calls, the most recent Electrelane release, arrived in 2007.

Electrelane then spent a large amount of time on tour in the next 18 months - taking in the UK, U.S.A., Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Turkey and finally getting to Japan and Australia.

In recent years activities have been much more quiet but they recently announced shows across UK and Europe this '11 summer.

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Electrelane (Popfrenzy Presents) News

Electrelane Australian Tour!!! Our final tour for this summer!! 14th November, 2011

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