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Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Clue To Kalo mastermind Mark Mitchell applies a lo-fi aesthetic to pristine computer-based production in which the technology is the means rather than the end. A generous use of layered melodies, elemental textures, and multi-tracked vocals highlight a vast range of influences and solidify the fact that Clue To Kalo is first and foremost a songwriter. In addition to many shows in Australia (including national tours with Architecture In Helsinki, Caribou, Four Tet, Castiotone For The Painfully Alone), Clue To Kalo has toured throughout the US and Canada. Inventive without being inaccessible, Clue To Kalo has established himself as a singular artist of extraordinary scope and depth.

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The Infinite Orphan, By The Familiars
Album: Lily Perdida
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User To A Carrier, By The Sister
Album: Lily Perdida
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Clue To Kalo
Lily Perdida
Released: 06-09-2008