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The story of Beach Fossils starts with frontman Dustin Payseur writing and recording songs for their debut self-titled LP out of his tiny Brooklyn apartment in the Fall of 2009. His recent move from North Carolina that year had left him with a sense of longing to reconnect with his past and the lush open landscape he left behind. During that year Dustin experimented with innovative methods of self-recording (using a Tascam four-track and Logic Pro) and composing. He drew his inspiration from improvisational jazz, classical and shoegaze artists, such as Anthony Braxton, pre-Stereolab project McCarthy and Giuseppe Tartini. Playing all his own instruments (keyboard, drums, bass, guitar), he soon emerged with a shimmering array of sun drenched pop songs.

Dustin eventually linked creative forces with John Pena (bass), Sennott Burke (guitar) and Cole Smith (drums) who joined the band and helped collaborate on the songs Wide Awake and Gathering. The full bandʼs immediate chemistry and unforgettable stage presence radiate with a wild, youthful-sincerity.

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Released: 17-07-2010

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